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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!

Why Choose Concrete Pavers or Retaining wall blocks for Your Home Project?

  • Concrete pavers and Retaining wall blocks create a Timeless, beautiful look in your yard. The products we used are designed and manufactured to look great but also stand up to tough climates the Edmonton and surrounding areas experiences year round.

  • They provide countless design possibilities and will stand the test of time. 

Why Hire an ICPI Certified Concrete Paver Installer?

  • At Timeless Hardscape we are ICPI Certified installers which means we have completed a training course and exam.  This ensures we know how interlocking concrete pavement works and how to properly install your hardscape product so it looks great and is structurally sound for years to come.

  • ICPI training gives installers knowledge and best practices in site layout, slope to achieve proper drainage, excavation, soil separation, base aggregate preparation and compaction, screed layer, paving stone installation, edge restraint and joint fill material install.

How do I know what product
to choose?

  •  Our team will work along side the client to choose suitable products for the application and desired style  and create a custom design plan to incorporate colours, textures and laying patterns.​

  • Different paving stone and retaining wall block combinations can create any style from a traditional cobblestone look to a modern, smooth, large format slab. This ensures we can compliment your homes existing look.

What sets your company apart from other Hardscaping companies?

  • Timeless Hardscape takes great pride in attention to detail. As owner-operators, we offer one point of contact from initial design to project completion. We are there to support you throughout every phase of your dream project.

  • We are on-site each day to ensure the quality of your project exceeds industry standards and your expectations.

Will there be ants under or weeds growing through paving stone?

  • A properly installed hardscape project will be ant & weed free. We install high quality polymeric sand that is swept into the paving stone joints and vibrated to ensure the whole depth of the paver joint is full of sand. The excess is then swept off and the paving stone surface. The paving stone is then wet down to activate the polymer in the sand which causes it to harden. This stops ants from entering the pavers as well as preventing weeds from coming through paver joints

Why choose I paving stones over poured concrete?

  • Interlocking concrete pavement is a flexible paving surface which allows for some movement in the paving surface. In Edmonton's freeze-thaw climate, this is an advantage as it moves with the surrounding environment.

  • Concrete is a ridged paving surface which does not allow for any movement, which can to cracking.

  •  Paving stone can be easily spot repaired. If a section has sunk or lifted, the section can be removed, base material can compacted, releveled and removed paving stone reinstalled. This comes at a lesser cost to a homeowner vs re-pouring concrete.

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