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Retaining & Garden Walls

  • Retaining walls are a great way to maximize usable space on your property. They can be used to create a flatter grade in your yard that otherwise may not be functional for you and your family. Our goal is to turn unusable space into space you can enjoy for a lifetime!

  • We will work with you and certified engineers to create custom walls that will stand up to the test of time as well as adding to your landscape design. Stone retraining walls are visually appealing and elevate any space!

  • Retaining walls or raised garden beds can be created with manufactured concrete products or large scale natural stone slabs. 

  • Garden walls are a great way to define a garden bed within your yard or to bring a garden bed up to a easier working height while giving more room for quality growing soils.

  • Contact us today and request a quote! We can meet in person to consult and guide you through how you can elevate your yard with retaining walls and stone garden edging or raised garden beds. 

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